Ultrasound diagnostics(ultrasound) is a widely used modern method for diagnosing of internal diseases and blood flow conditions.

With the help of ultrasonic waves that are formed in a special source inside the ultrasound apparatus, and then penetrate through the skin and soft tissues and are reflected from the internal organs, one can see the smallest structural changes in the human body.

At present, ultrasound diagnostics are used universally. It significantly helps doctors in diagnosing. Ultrasound can evaluate the work, size and structure of organs, determine the presence of inflammatory processes, formations, check the patency of blood vessels and ducts of internal organs.

The field of application of ultrasound in internal medicine is extremely wide. This is abdominal surgery and therapy, urology, gastroenterology, mammology, endocrinology, vascular surgery, cardiology, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.

Before carrying out ultrasound, consult your doctor. Some types of ultrasound examination require preliminary training and refinement of study time .

In the medical center«Health Clinic» You will be able to undergo a comprehensive ultrasound for various diseases of internal organs. Experienced specialists and modern equipment will allow you to get good results quickly.