Therapy – (from the Greek – “medical care, treatment”) – a field of medicine that studies internal diseases – disruption of the internal organs and systems. These include cardiovascular diseases, problems of the respiratory system, blood, urinary system, gastrointestinal cancer, musculoskeletal system, endocrine, allergic and infectious diseases, pathology of the immune system, violations of water-electrolyte metabolism in the body, etc..

Physicians-therapists are the most widely trained specialists. They can identify the disease and prescribe treatment, in most cases, without involving doctors of other specialties. Such a trip provides the most complex and harmonious perception of a person as a whole organism, rather than individual organs or systems.

Around the world, medical help begins with doctors of a wide profile and only if necessary, narrow specialists are involved.

When should I go to the therapist?

Whatever you are concerned about – from a runny nose and cough to high blood pressure, from low back pain or joint pains to digestive disorders – your first choice should be a literate therapist or general practitioner (family doctor).

To make a preliminary diagnosis, the therapist collects an anamnesis, asking the patient about the onset and progress of the disease. Then he conducts a mandatory general examination of the patient.

The next stage of diagnosis is general clinical laboratory and necessary additional instrumental examinations.

Having received the results, the doctor prescribes treatment or, if necessary, directs the patient to the narrowly specialized doctors who specialize in the revealed pathologies.

In the medical center «Health Clinic» – You will be consulted by experienced therapists and family doctors, they will give you enough time, carefully discuss and provide the optimal solution for problems with your health.

Choosing the right therapist and family doctor is the guarantee of the health of the whole family!