Oncologist —

онколог Винница

this is a specialist who deals detection and treatment of neoplasms and precancerous diseases.

What symptoms can foreshadow the development of oncological diseases?

  • loss of appetite or noticeable weight loss during the weeks/months,
  • persistent moderate elevated body temperature,
  • node enlargement,
  • changes in the mammary glands,
  • dry cough for several weeks or more, blood spitting,
  • changes in the mucous membranes that do not heal for a long time,
  • blood excretion with urine or stool,
  • unusual pain/discomfort appeared.

Also, if your close relatives have been diagnosed with cancer you should contact the oncologist of the “Health Clinic”.

With us you can pass:

  • endoscopic examinations, including endoscopic ultrasonography; get a biopsy conclusion from the best histopathological laboratory of Ukraine,
  • trepanobiopsy under ultrasound control with immunohistochemical tissue analysis,
  • various types of ultrasonography,
  • general clinical tests, including genetic disorders and tumor markers tests,
  • outpatient chemotherapy in accordance with international protocols in comfortable conditions and more.

If you need examinations or treatments that are not in our clinic, you will be sent to the best clinics in the country.
The doctor will give you enough time and answer all your questions.

Call, it is very important to apply on time!