Family medicine is a civilized system of prevention and provision of primary medical care that combines biological, clinical disciplines and psychology, which allows to continue comprehensive medical care for the patient and his family.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of family medicine is preventive work aimed at preventing the occurrence of diseases or relapses of diseases at any age.

A number of diseases are of a family nature That is why studying of family history is very important.

By inheritance can be transmitted not only the similarity of external features, but also the problems with metabolism, the nature of the functioning of organs and systems predisposing to a number of diseases.

Such diseases include hypertension and coronary heart disease, metabolic disorders, asthma and allergy, vascular pathology and obesity, and many other diseases. Often inherited not diseases themselves, but only predisposition to them. Realization of the same genetic deposits is largely due to external influences, living conditions, nutrition, the impact of adverse factors, nervous overload, family or local traditions. So, among the members of the family, even living separately, often the same way of life, the nature of nutrition, leisure, and the adversity of one of them are experienced quite sharply by all.

Family doctor from «Health Clinic»:

  • Analyzes the health status of the patient, takes attention to his physical, psychological and social characteristics.
  • Selects the most optimal way to treat identified diseases and monitors the performance of appointments.
  • Carries out a long-term monitoring of the patient’s state of health.
  • Advises patients in case of acute illness either by visiting the patient at home or by phone.
  • If necessary, organizes consultations of narrow specialists, laboratory and instrumental studies.
  • Carries out preventive and explanatory work in the family.
  • Organizes seasonal vaccinations.

A family doctor is not only a doctor, but also a person to whom you can entrust the health of the whole family and who at any moment is ready to come to your aid. The place of the general practitioner in the healthcare system is unique – he directly communicates with the patient and his family, takes responsibility for the health of the observed, provides treatment and prevention, attracting the most advanced achievements of science for this purpose, coordinates the efforts of narrow specialists.

In «Health Clinic» family doctor closely collaborates with specialists in the field of gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, oncology, allergology, pulmonology.