What is a dermatologist?

дерматолог Винница

— a specialist who is engaged in the identification and therapy of skin and venereal diseases, understands the primary and secondary morphological elements of skin rashes. In some difficult cases, the treatment is carried out in conjunction with other specialized experts – a gynecologist or an urologist.

You should contact our center’s dermatologist for symptoms:

  • any skin rash;
  • pustular formation;
  • itching, redness, scratching of the skin;
  • sites of desquamation;
  • long-lasting wound healing;
  • changing the structure of hair and nails;
  • emergence of warts, papillomas, moles.
  • You should also contact a dermatologist in cases intensive hair loss, dandruff appears, nail plates become thinner.

Our center will promptly make the correct diagnosis, prescribe a treatment, will hold joint consultations with other specialized experts to develop an effective complex therapy. This is a very important point, because in standard medical institutions such an effective interaction of professionals in the treatment of complex diseases is rarely observed.

Also in our center is available a wide range of laboratory studies that contribute to the diagnosis establishing.

If you need examinations or treatments that are not in our clinic, you will be sent to the best clinics in the country.
The doctor will give you enough time and answer all your questions.

Call, it is very important to apply on time!