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Dear friends,

It is very important for all of us to be healthy, to live an active and fulfilling life, because without health it is impossible and happiness. The modern rhythm requires a lot of energy and resources from a person. In order to be successful – you need to be healthy.

It should be remembered that timely access to a doctor can identify the disease at an early stage, avoid long and expensive treatment, and possibly, surgical intervention.

It is very important to find a doctor who can help, a doctor who trusts.

Therefore, the right choice of clinic and doctor is the guarantee of your health for many years.

The Medical Center “Health Clinic” provides medical care for various diseases of internal organs.

The personnel of our clinic are qualified, young and energetic doctors of various specialties, candidates and doctor of medical sciences who constantly improve their knowledge, taking part in scientific conferences and congresses both in our country and abroad, conduct active research work and participate in the development of new methods of treatment.

At the reception the doctor will give you enough time, individually select the program of examination and treatment, answer all your questions. At us you can pass examination of doctors of various specialties, hand over necessary analyzes, pass additional inspection.

We cooperate with leading medical institutions of the city and the country to provide a full modern range of services to our patients.

Since 2004, the team has participated in international scientific programs in medicine, whose capabilities for 5-7 years outstrip the routine practice of doctors of our country. Over the years, a large number of patients received treatment within the framework of 84 international scientific programs. Participating in them, our center contributes to attracting international investment and economic development of the country, developing new modern methods of treatment and improving the quality of life of patients. To meet the world standards for conducting such research is an honor for any clinic.

An important direction of the work of our clinic is an in-depth study of autoimmune diseases, which are among the main modern medical problems of mankind and essentially violate the quality of life. We are ready to offer our patients the most advanced treatment for these diseases, and also to provide support during the treatment.

Do you want to make an appointment or leave a review?

Write us an email and we will contact you

Do you want to make an appointment or leave a review?

Write us an email and we will contact you