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The Medical Center “Health Clinic” provides medical care for various diseases of internal organs


The staff of our clinic are qualified, young and energetic doctors of various specialties, candidates and doctor of medical sciences


At the reception the doctor will give you enough time, individually select the program of examination and treatment, answer all your questions

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In the department of gastroenterology in medical center «Health Clinic» conducts a comprehensive modern examination and treatment of patients with digestive diseases.



During diagnostic endoscopic manipulations, the pH of the gastric juice is tested, the diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection and much more



Диагностика, лечение, профилактика заболеваний щитовидной железы (аутоиммунный тиреоидит, подострый тиреоидит, узловой зоб, диффузный зоб, гипотиреоз, тиреотоксикоз) и др.



The main task of the cardiologist is to make an accurate diagnosis, if necessary, to conduct differential diagnosis between various diseases of the cardiovascular system.



Most often, a rheumatologist meets with such diseases as osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis), osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus, gout, spondyloarthropathy, and others.



Directly in the office of the doctor-pulmonologist “Helss Clinic” you will be able to undergo diagnostics and determine the violation of the function of external respiration with the help of spirography – the method of investigation, without which it is impossible to establish the diagnosis of bronchial asthma or obstructive bronchitis (CNDD).



Oncological diseases require joint efforts of physicians of various specialties in conjunction with modern laboratory and instrumental examinations.

Family medicine


Family medicine is a civilized system of prevention and primary medical care that combines biological, clinical disciplines and psychology, which allows for continuous and comprehensive medical care for the patient and his family.



A neurologist (a neuropathologist) diagnoses and treats diseases of the nervous system.



An experienced dermatologist will conduct a thorough examination, establish a diagnosis and prescribe the best course of treatment.



Physicians-therapists are the most widely trained specialists. They can identify the disease and prescribe treatment, in most cases, without involving doctors of other specialties.

Ultrasonic diagnostics


Ultrasound (ultrasound) is a widely used modern method for diagnosing internal diseases and blood flow conditions.

Laboratory research


Laboratory data are an essential component of a comprehensive examination of patients to establish the correct diagnosis, as well as the identification of various diseases at an early stage.

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Nutritional care


The most significant effect on the motor function of the intestine is food, the reception of which triggers the motility of the entire gastrointestinal tract (GIT) in such a way that in some departments it lingers, and in others, at this time, moves on ..

Diseases and treatment

Atrophic gastritis – what you need to know the patient

If you or your loved one have been diagnosed as such, do not be discouraged, let’s figure out what it is together. What do you need to know from the very beginning?

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Scientific activity

List of scientific publications

Clinical researches

Clinical researches

About us

It is very important for all of us to be healthy, to live an active and fulfilling life, because without health it is impossible and happiness. The modern rhythm requires a lot of energy and resources from a person. In order to be successful – you need to be healthy. It should be remembered that timely access to a doctor can identify the disease at an early stage, avoid long and expensive treatment, and possibly, surgical intervention. It is very important to find a doctor who can help, a doctor who trusts. Therefore, the right choice of clinic and doctor is the guarantee of your health for many years.

The Medical Center “Health Clinic” provides medical care for various diseases of internal organs.

The personnel of our clinic are qualified, young and energetic doctors of various specialties, candidates and doctor of medical sciences who constantly improve their knowledge, taking part in scientific conferences and congresses both in our country and abroad, conduct active research work and participate in the development of new methods of treatment.

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Need a consultation?

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Berlin 10.2012. Research Meeting

On October 11-12, 2012, the chief physician of Helss Clinic Irina Nosova and the endocrinologist of the clinic Natalia Psyuk took part in a research meeting in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was devoted to the treatment of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes with concomitant diseases of the cardiovascular system. Information was presented on a…


Mainz 10.2012. Symposium on issues of gastroescience and hepatology

On October 3-6, 2012, the specialists of “Health Clinic” took part in 185-186 symposia devoted to issues of gastroescience and hepatology, which were held in Mainz (Germany). Topics of symposiums were as follows: – Contradictions in gastroenterology and Problems of cirrhosis and liver cancer. The meetings raised questions of instrumental methods for diagnosing diseases of…


Geneva, 06.2012. Research Meeting

On June 22-23, 2012, the specialists of “Helss Clinic” in Geneva (Switzerland) visited a research meeting devoted to the urgent problems of treating patients with Crohn’s disease.
During the rally, new drugs and treatment regimens for Crohn’s disease were considered.

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